Tina MacVeigh

Tina MacVeigh was elected to Dublin City Council in 2014. As a
committed community worker and activist in the area where she lives, Tina has campaigned for years on issues that affect people in her area including cuts to local bus services, securing community amenities
such as parks and play areas and water charges.

Nationally, Tina is the Chair of the National Homeless and Housing
Coalition which includes more than 50 organisations actively
campaigning on the housing crisis. She also campaigns on Palestine and on women’s rights. As a Councillor, Tina has been central to the Bridgefoot Street Park
campaign and is now heavily involved in Reclaim the Iveagh Markets.

Tina says: ‘As a grassroots political activist and councillor I have
been and will continue to be led by the needs of the people in the
community I represent. At the heart of all of the issues is the
question of fairness, equality and the distribution of wealth. This
manifests in everything from the services and amenities in our
community, decent housing, access to health care, green space, all of the things that go towards a decent standard of living and that define the kind of society we want to live in. We have to work together tochallenge a political system that serves the interests of big business, landlords and the wealthy. the needs of ordinary people have to come before the needs of profit.’